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Core Branding

Archetypes in Branding (Contd.)

We continue to explore the archetypes and how they can be an effective tool in positioning your brand.

You can revisit the first post on the subject here. 

Brand Archetypes - Identities and personalities


The Lover

  • The Call: An appetite for life, sensations and satisfaction
  • Core Desires: Intimacy, experiences and attraction
  • Key levers: Passion, Commitment, appreciation, gratitude
  • Similar platforms: Sensualist, intimate, enthusiast, partner, slave, the forbidden fruit
  • Personalities / Fictitious Characters: Vampires, Megan Fox,
  • Strategy: Develop physical and emotional attraction, and appeal to all senses. Use adjectives effectively
  • Right brand strategy if: (a) product is sensorial driven (b) fun loving culture
  • Brand Examples: Godiva, Victoria’s Secret, Hallmark, Chanel, Haagen Dazs,

Brand Archetypes - Lover - Haagen Dazs 2 Brand Archetypes - Lover - Haagen Dazs

brand archetypes - lover - Victoria's secret


The Creator

  • The Call: A desire to do things beautifully, express oneself
  • Core Desires: Create things of enduring value, Leave a mark as a ‘Genius’
  • Key levers: Imagination, Creativity, Vision, Do it yourself,
  • Similar platforms: Inventor, Artist, Dreamer, Innovator, Maker, Designer
  • Personalities / Fictitious Characters: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, Scientists / artists,
  • Strategy: Develop artistic control and skill
  • Right brand strategy if: (a) promotes self expression, fosters innovation (b) differentiation possibility from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ market leader (c) customers have time to be creative (d) innovation driven organisation
  • Brand Examples: (all at specific points in time) Apple, Sony, Lego, Swatch. Canon

Brand Archetypes - Creator - Apple (2) BRand Archetypes - Creator - Apple 2

The Ruler

  • The Call: Control over lack of resources, harmony or order
  • Core Desires: Control
  • Key levers: Leadership, Power,  Prestige, Confidence, Exclusivity
  • Similar platforms: Leaders, The boss, The Authority, Upper Class,
  • Personalities / Fictitious Characters: President, The God Father / Other Mafia Dons, Kings, Donald Trump
  • Strategy: Exercise Power.
  • Right brand strategy if: (a) Status symbols (b) helps people maintain power (c) High priced (d) Offers sense of security and brings order
  • Brand Examples: BMW, Rolls Royce, Luxury brands, Microsoft, IBM


Brand Archetypes - Ruler - Givenchy brand archetypes - ruler - netjets

Brand archetypes - ruler - Bmw -bonus


The Joker

  • The Call: Boredom
  • Core Desires: To enjoy every moment
  • Key levers: Playful, Clever, Absurd,
  • Similar platforms: Prankster, Comic relief, Jester, Performer
  • Personalities / Fictitious Characters: Jack Sparrow, Clown, Donkey (from shrek) – and numerous such sidekicks. Robin Williams, Chandler (Friends),
  • Strategy: Make jokes, pranks, be funny. Dont take yourself too seriously.
  • Right brand strategy if: (a) the category is used when having fun (beer, snacks) (b) Low priced,  (c) differentiate from established, serious brands (d) gives people a sense of belonging
  • Brand Examples: Pepsi, Ben & Jerry’s, Miller lite, 7 up,


Brand Archetypes - Jester - Pepsi ƒåo(]É)=«ÅCɋoV Ô³{å±Æ:´O)žðOûŽ!û1ñBS,Ôî-å^~‚=7@ºà¾ŒRÞÙL÷ª£­Ô_ñ®Ø1 5ß$ä•ïý”ÅÝ÷˜¥P¶	¬ÓXj–ѱâz·Âåš?•OÇñfóP@‡§ý/ñ:,¹oþ™•þjy—@òד%Ôï©X—Ñ´ˆe¹šQEˆGíqbÕýßÚÍ7ógš|Ë«]ƒ#Án̦8bb#,‡õ+Fiëê†]ç±s¡§À¤÷È_™ž|Òõ¬íõëÍ3MvN6qºË7`´a/£xGþÇ*$^͂/¤<Å®Ùëÿ”Þm½˜}zúÃN¸{y–n[ž,Ø|†ß˗ÌJ#nEƐŒ¤	‹åKÊË'‘44Oª5ÅË̐‹&ð«ÊÀš×—ìW¦Q[3âõº"LÅ+@j?ÉèÐFêÌ¡åÁĊ_dÀ_ٟø±qµ¤ÏÌ,Ì:zì ¤•~±æ6QoKìˆÿÆ?Úò=3òkOÒõ=fñµks“bn Ӏ ë29#à?m“‘â?ÊÊ#Œ]—µö›&LX€Æx%—'ôfö7ŽÊâêçG†ÃêÚ&»¥	dXÑPE+Õ(ê)ñºϟ7õ£üè¥z§’ltm.a‚Ù:FÛîNûæ³>:Ü»=iË6B&x¤Áæ¶"á‹oS¹öÊ"^’ÙMÄt)Çå҇,µjqqÀµ…GQZnð;)Xó^#ȑÁæ¬ý^IJ[:HTñ,	ڇ`|shqˆÂÝÈe:èÅîÍ ÇZ¯ ŽârügÐá䏩.¹$%GÙʣ̷s	Ïî“}ùþÊ2soÆvJîE^Jžçܘ©4#ÑJx©²t 3am·ÿÒáP-Wé̀Õ-‘Öqr~ü4ä–Ï[òü%l¬ Ò~9.m­N_8jÖ6ò7®¥Ðý}?àrž3É͎!JúOælҟMçA2Š²¬vàýÜrBE× ®iÒSãhå¨ù&cä;½7²[k`;£'¦~AÚ4¾n¹’'ô§†ÉÚ)ˆ¨V2 ¡Ã Š`;=§µÓKG×?÷²}–ÒÎxë*ý“M©•q‚w|àã1“³zîõë6„vRT{ƒ4xƒ-vñ}jÎKkÇFNj€£»Þé3	À”´ Òl’6üpە#éw£Â˜#„õÜôÍ®˜Ü^¶>²^g¤ð‚H($ŠŠu¼2¼oU7jòôØ£Ã‡•0ÍÍ4òǗìoäYu›µ´ÓXþí*Y˜V¡Iû)âÙTæ"[ñc$&úÿ’ü—{	Mñ-¯t_Tˑ٪Ië.Prm¼@žU{°^K’#jŽ½ŽgYºO‘ÈÓ8Ð†-¤oa×+<Û-ÿÓãWšEΕvö——íE ‡¡þ¹‘ÄW³Aõ•é–´Ììõß.ª¶Ÿ§•‰jO¸¦b˚ó^‘vnžBë<n" l©¦ùLàC™ ;1_(h—É­Ie}fc¿‰ŽO´Ÿ;PþÕp²‘ô E›LÖ%’Xþ­Ñü!xš‘RÄòJ$5JV)9ŽÚFIÙؔÖ6“£ v¦Yqçíêj̚0Zýˆ@û’˜¶”•ý®-œGnC‡7ñ1¿êÉî;3)žÈ¿úf9ùq­JÖVÒ¥´¦H¦’UjB­û¥ûk1ôg‡˜w&#àwIô˜´«[8ãvú¬u¹¼¯ ÒHM#Wa½*¼©üˆ‰ö[3ñ@d™% 6zÔ×~Xy”1"éWwÔ5$,Û·SEâ3n1xptšŒœS|šN§†V¶‘Pq%øš)¹öÌ~V‚V]M؟ä`2âãVꐬïe' ‘­YIÝë·L…²¥–ð; q5Þ¹®•‡¬†¤H îm$Xe£²x‘ò͖¼¯mw¼wJWÏ»º™ƒš×sJšý9½¿CÆÌz÷—&2¤Š„ªz¤ú´‚DN´QñE£/Á_…GìæædwvVKõ†Þ9mXDyÆñÑü(áM=é‘áLŠ_æ}>[-maœyY”€Aâií·,º%ß’I ëJ÷å±@BõŽÛS+!µÿÔ/Õ¼§g«B©#2ÉñʽTž»t#2 ê#>#?’uý>ðH"úÕ¸	aŸöIö†I´ÎÃМ·†ÃR=Gò÷—ÌãY‚—pYDý•½HðÊLá/M&w¾HóåÇ/I@šRXɇ…}òB $"›#̶°¬ŠƒÐA+H Ñ}«ß%PbOTï‹y ¨äG»TŠuÁՐ&˜?›¼µ©Ù®ŸtÂ#z®™B“#µô l zà¡a²“¿sÓ¼× [^H¡_Œ¬ƒìúÿ»c±âÍË~-ðæ^S26aÅƤòµÞoÃ@·ý'£†˜éÒ8p¥HXäV侯ڍ—ãýž9‘œàÕÃQé”~‰:áN—QšsNj'÷°þ¼ËTò¿•u-NIMÞ§åÝX9iy[¬èIý‡ä°Èê:Žk˜XýžœGîä&?¥êw9=«Å ²ÄÃýò¦—äÍuùŽkõ ÎkH,eìh)É߈^Ÿ[‡±óã³.äö¯M 8#)J_Ög>l’m7òÛÌ1-²­Ö›yÜJ@˜R6²8oü¹n`Žvbâiµ'’Èጟ9]ëºdšEÞé&–ŒHÈD'ãQ¶Ü¶ã¾aqz¡ˆñYS• «WÀá¶A-’âA!J-ïÐS Y„^‰Þk6±/)%š$Eñ,ÀclKíÛ]0ÛZA0¨Óض`ê!fݎ’` Ó­>¬†¥zàÇy§|“u"›fPp—b«]”†®$Z°1h JΫ±ß5ºŒ;½‡Yµ1[Í1½	WE?«'¤ZûLñEóÊz°k·‘JQ½7R­Ä‘CCØöÍЕÅäå)>©!6ìÌTSéÈËèX[&üµó>Ž²ÛØ꥖¡jü­n$Ӛ0Hô؞àm˜ñ.LÃÓõ/4hñÚµÅëÅR2ÇvCV; ×þ,âiàxŸ›51ªk†ú7šHa`)UŒ€Òk‘‹l£I;0ãþ© üë™kÏ-yvᅰ±ÙÆBÏqài^+âùÙ)PÿÕ1†2¦ õë™:tt*½©ËZub#K $¶qTå´ëÕ´4qÒD<[ï~œ-¨›o-ØíÍ¥“Øš~¡‘0TdžÒ»*Æñ¸û/ɉ~Twæ_7ù˺»išœW‰?$n±+$ˆi¨®Íü¸#ŒžL	šY/柒E¡‹ý:’"^µðå–~^A„rD¤zœü­©I¦ZÚÁu&©¦zM$h¨¼o¡5oˆœ®xÈ[±HqSÓ¿:äKMÁ؛¦’édšE !+O‡6=’}váö–18puÈÆì¼÷“´^þÒYlu‰‹À…-XÔ+U¥ýÓ%h=/µör=µ¨ÇÑñw±=¨ÖiòQ‡Š_T¾©B?ÐV‹óÃˊֶ––SÜ Ë{qÂ8šY~ٚ&Y%ô¡ýŸM¾Ï¹¤:ÏU¸Ãìn¢x̤#ÿdZ?ž.rB@zý—úٖqÈDËùΗxœ‘ˆ?Kå+ …h¿&´ãƵªïÖ¿ð¹I>€æYâ(ۏ‰M BÔÞ¹Z@J. ü  ÚÀÉêŸóŽ¾G}cÍ1k·þ…¦½-Áý¹éB}ÕÁÿ«…„ùÓë;¸Ä!x©Pz},6DÒ*ÌÈ۱鐦ã+º,[Å]Š¡o-VeÜV™	FÛqO…ŠêV	„Óc”ãIÉ͓Š,SÐt­Z‹P¶IJ”£¯m˜|Y°·JE¼¯Í•:œësb~»§ÆèÍ¿¬	‚–¤óýöŸÖ´sræFBÔB9>!¾ßC…¿‰êÃo"ŠÉg˜-$¡ìµ$ïí‹(”e¡–ìA¼,ò—&8ãRÄ)â«°¯dëŒÍyWòòfºiuhL‘)¬vû„$ÿ=EOË,âqäô;ÖÊ$Š–— U ?‰(ÿ֒ÅmߏÛéQÁ	5lxBBqeoÃN¸*™öΨ'ðÀ["š@ §îß$SB$Œ€>5À›yÇæ^‚ú§—oÌv‰qym4 ããnxû[²Ë"xKT÷|ç,OŅkOàs+ra@¦:M˜Ytë×n!5=8ôÜ{Nù›““§úޟù£{¨ù“ÎvÖåE荻ô_˜ôT¼2ŽéÏá£Ùohösú®¤ë}•í|¸Áˆ?G®²¾IfÿœSH¯öО@{dK`}‡ù ¡Ãaå]68Ç؈3?ó3 ±ûÎjˆ¹[ѵ¢Bå‘ÈTÓ¤F@Jþ#ïĆ`¦cq‘dÞ+mWZÇb+OQi¹xɨû²»gÌÒ6bÉ"üJ̼‡³È‹„bŒý^ XôQ¾E,o*´ÿÞF^jàpB	eßåזRc2趷Ž8™ÚËo¹íŽÉݾPÓ¬0ÚEm#}¡*{ ñƘ‚’Å ¨‡©À…7·f1Øo¶!?ÿטO}Žl©Ò¯dSñ%~XÒBmc !OÙ#l6úÞf4¨ÈÌ&Vó‘JŠƒÔc”Â7økQL´§T‰P´€UdÙ¾xK‘yÇòÊÊæs{£ä–’×ýÖä÷_ä'þ.†Ji–ì1»Ÿ'ê–ze­Ö ‹l‘êZbˆAÍÎú5 Ë*Ìn;7éâx•|é{ªùk]ÖuM"{y¤»¹”^<ñsY ŠªqåC(øü'Ÿ.l¼rygÁŒH™.N<C91ôF(<éä]^?Nû×ÒB¾­¼‘5å£8ïÄ~±



The Magician

  • The Call: Transformation, to heal
  • Core Desires: To make dreams come true
  • Key levers: Playful, Clever, Absurd, Expertise
  • Similar platforms: Healer, Medicine man, Catalyst, Visionary,
  • Personalities / Fictitious Characters: Gandalf, Merlin, Martin Luther King, Morpheus
  • Strategy: Develop win win solutions, invent new processes
  • Right brand strategy if: (a) product is transformative in nature (b) user friendly  (c) problem-solution type of products (d) new contemporary product (or fast pace of innovation in category) (e) Spiritual connotations
  • Brand Examples: Axe, Smirnoff, Polaroid, Mastercard, Disney

Brand Archetypes - Magician - axe ad BRand Archetypes - Magician - axe



The Sage

  • The Call: Confusion
  • Core Desires: To find the truth
  • Key levers: Information, Knowledge, Self-reflection, Research, Objectivity,
  • Similar platforms: Philosopher, Thinker, Mentor, Researcher, Teacher, The Wise Man,
  • Personalities / Fictitious Characters: Oprah Winfrey, Sherlock Holmes, Yoda, The Oracle (matrix)
  • Strategy: Consistent display of intelligence and deep understanding of the world (you typically wont advertise much – you go to the Oracle, she never comes to you, right?)
  • Right brand strategy if: (a) services of providing knowledge and advice (b) Scientific / research based industries (c) Mature customers
  • Brand Examples: Mc Kinsey, CNN, Oprah Winfrey Show, Olay, Google,

Brand archetypes - sage - mckinsey2 BRand Archetypes - Sage - Oprah



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  1. This is a very good post. Thanks for sharing. Great examples and info. We are & would love your opinion on design related posts


    Posted by insight2marketing | October 9, 2014, 5:58 am

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