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Global Brand Adaptation and Culture – The Hofstede Model Dimensions

Different Campaigns need different levels of customization. You can very successfully create a campaign with just adaptations of the protagonists in your commercial.  This could be a case where you are dealing with simple, functional communication like this Apple ad below for instance. Or you could be dealing with more complex perspectives – cultural traditions, … Continue reading

Understanding Memory – towards Total brand Recall

You could first try out a small experiment. Show the following ads to people outside the industry and (probably the next day)  ask them for the name of the brand which was being advertised. In most cases, you would find varying levels of recalls for the brand. Now, also take a couple of minutes and try … Continue reading

Advertising Templates

The 6 major advertising templates This takes reference to a study which was carried out in the following manner: All award winning and finalist ads for The One Show and USADREVIEW were put together over a five year period (90-95). 500 ads were randomly selected and shown to a trio of experts in the advertising … Continue reading

The Brand Prism as part of brand identity.

Brand Prism Revisited This is one of the most constructive brand tools made and is a favourite as it is simple to understand, easy to articulate your brand’s identity and to communicate across different legs of execution (digital, packaging, in store, Outdoor, etc.) This concept was first developed by J. N. Kapferer in his path breaking … Continue reading

The Art of War – In Business Strategy

  Sun Tzu, and the Art of War & Business We start our posts on Strategy with a series on the ‘Art of War’ – known to have been written by the master military general and strategist – Sun Tzu. These ancient principles have stood the test of time (about 25 centuries at least!), and … Continue reading

Packaging Innovations – breaking Clutter, creating engagement

This is the second post in the series on Packaging Innovations. Click here to view the first one. Creating Functionality Packaging innovations can create functionality by adding simple features that help in consumers handling, or consuming the product. The beauty is that in some of the examples shown below, increased functionality can be achieved without any … Continue reading

Innovation in Packaging

Packaging – the most overlooked facet of a brand ! Over 70% of all purchases are estimated to occur at the point of sale, thereby giving packages an important role to play by standing out, communicating benefits and displaying a strong brand personality. It sometimes is the only differentiating aspect between you and competitors. It plays … Continue reading

Archetypes in Branding (Contd.)

We continue to explore the archetypes and how they can be an effective tool in positioning your brand. You can revisit the first post on the subject here.    The Lover The Call: An appetite for life, sensations and satisfaction Core Desires: Intimacy, experiences and attraction Key levers: Passion, Commitment, appreciation, gratitude Similar platforms: Sensualist, intimate, enthusiast, partner, slave, the forbidden … Continue reading

Archetypes in branding

As your brand takes many forms -across varied media, packaging, communication, etc. – having a consistent communication strategy is a must for shaping a distinct identity for your brand. Archetypes are a powerful tool here, as they immediately resonate across continents and cultures. Archetypes in general are character structures found in real life and also … Continue reading

Luxury Brands

This post draws heavily from the book The Luxury Strategy, Kapferer J.N. and Bastein V.  which is one of the few books that have frameworks and models (shown below) for luxury brands. Your guiding principle while taking any decision on a luxury brand is the original meaning of the word ‘Luxury’ – ‘distance’ (Luxiato, in Latin). This … Continue reading