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Understanding Memory – towards Total brand Recall

You could first try out a small experiment. Show the following ads to people outside the industry and (probably the next day)  ask them for the name of the brand which was being advertised. In most cases, you would find varying levels of recalls for the brand. Now, also take a couple of minutes and try … Continue reading

Advertising Templates

The 6 major advertising templates This takes reference to a study which was carried out in the following manner: All award winning and finalist ads for The One Show and USADREVIEW were put together over a five year period (90-95). 500 ads were randomly selected and shown to a trio of experts in the advertising … Continue reading

The FCB Involvement Grid

This matrix was developed by Foot, Cone & Belding and marries the way consumers approach the purchase process with the selling strategy you should adopt for maximum ROI of your budgets. This is also a good revisit when you feel you have a strong communication idea but feel that the consumer is just not picking … Continue reading