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Packaging Innovations – breaking Clutter, creating engagement

This is the second post in the series on Packaging Innovations. Click here to view the first one. Creating Functionality Packaging innovations can create functionality by adding simple features that help in consumers handling, or consuming the product. The beauty is that in someĀ of the examples shown below, increased functionality can be achieved without any … Continue reading

Innovation in Packaging

Packaging – the most overlooked facet of a brand ! OverĀ 70% of all purchases are estimated to occur at the point of sale, thereby giving packages an important role to play by standing out, communicating benefits and displaying a strong brand personality. It sometimes is the only differentiating aspect between you and competitors. It plays … Continue reading

Packaging Size Changes

How do packaging size changes get perceived by the consumer? Can you optimize either the length or height of a package and eliminate wasteful packaging of air? There is a simple thumb rule, tested in various researches, which best approximates consumer perceptions of size changes. The truth: People underestimate the surface area (of 2 dimensional) … Continue reading