Consumer Behaviour

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Global Brand Adaptation and Culture – The Hofstede Model Dimensions

Different Campaigns need different levels of customization. You can very successfully create a campaign with just adaptations of the protagonists in your commercial.  This could be a case where you are dealing with simple, functional communication like this Apple ad below for instance. Or you could be dealing with more complex perspectives – cultural traditions, … Continue reading

Understanding Memory – towards Total brand Recall

You could first try out a small experiment. Show the following ads to people outside the industry and (probably the next day)  ask them for the name of the brand which was being advertised. In most cases, you would find varying levels of recalls for the brand. Now, also take a couple of minutes and try … Continue reading

Packaging Size Changes

How do packaging size changes get perceived by the consumer? Can you optimize either the length or height of a package and eliminate wasteful packaging of air? There is a simple thumb rule, tested in various researches, which best approximates consumer perceptions of size changes. The truth: People underestimate the surface area (of 2 dimensional) … Continue reading